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Get ready to impress others with your knowledge about Iceland!

Here are the top ten natural wonders in size and height. The numbers are mind-blowing.

Photo: Glymur Waterfall – Iceland’s Highest Waterfall.

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Highest Waterfalls in Iceland

Highe t Waterfall in Iceland (meter ) Glymur in River Botn a: 190... more

Largest Lakes in Iceland

10 Large t lake in Iceland (km2) Thori vatn (re evoir): 83-88... more

Longest River Catchment Areas in Iceland

10 Longe t river catchment area (km2) Jokul a a Fjollum: 7,750 Tjor a:... more

Longest Rivers in Iceland

10 Longe t river in km Tjor a: 230 Jokul a a fjollum: 206... more

Largest Islands Around Iceland

10 Large t I land (km2) Heimaey: 14,7 Hrí ey: 11,5 Hjor ey: 5,5... more

Largest Glaciers in Iceland

10 Large t Glacier (km2) Vatnajökull: 8300 Langjokull: 953... more

Highest Mountains in Iceland

10 Highe t Mountain in Iceland Hvannadal hnjukur: 2110 Bardarbunga:... more