Articles in Hiking

Hiking in Skaftafell National Park

Skaftafell offer a range of hiking po ibilitie for experienced hiker a... more

Hiking Around Reykjavik

The number of hiking trail in Iceland i much greater than covered by thi... more

Burfell Trail

Thi ymmetrical lag crater i located near Mt Helgafell, about 7,5 km from... more

Hiking Trails Around Mt. Hengill

Hiking Trail in Mt Hengill... more


The Highland of Iceland are Within Your Reach The uninhabited interior of... more


Experience The Fimmvorduhal Hike in One or Two Day Thi could be the idea... more

Vogar – Njardvik Hike

An ancient route through the Reid kard Pa over the Voga tapi Headland and... more

Hiking Mt.Keilir

The u ual route i to walk to the mountain from the north of Oddafell, but it... more

Hiking Trails – Reykjanes Peninsula

Find your own Hiking Challenge in the Reykjane Area A The Reykjane Penin ula... more

Hiking in Akureyri Area

The Glera Valley Area offer quite a few walking and climbing route The valley... more

Landmannalaugar – Alftavatn Hike

1 day: Landmannalaugar-Hrafntinnu ker Di tance 12 km, e timated walking time 4... more

Alftavatn – Emstrur – Thorsmork Hike

About Alftavatn-Em trur-Thor mork Hiking Trail 1 day: Álftavatn - Em trur... more

Hiking Trails Kverkfjoll – Hvannalindir

Hiking Trail in Kverkfjoll - Hvannalindir Area Changeable weather condition ,... more

Mts. Lindafjoll – Mt. Rifnihnjukur – Mts. Upptyppingar Hike

The trail from the Sigurdar kali hut to the bridge acro Jokul a a Fjollum... more

Hvannalindir Area – River Lindaa – Krikatjorn Pond Hike

From the ruin in Hvannalindir a longer hiking trail i available along the... more

Hvannalindir – Ruins of the Outlaw Lair – Hill Lindakeilir Hike

The parking area i within a hort walking di tance from the Lindahraun lava... more

Skarphedin’s Peak – Kverk Pass – Hut Sigurdarskali Hike

From The Icelandic Glaciological Society’ hut it i po ible to walk... more

Hvannalindir – Kreppuhryggur Ridge – Krepputhrong Narrow Hike

A road lie from the Kverkfjoll route in the Hvannalindir area outhea t to a... more

Western Kverkfjoll Mountains Hike

The tour tart from the hut Sigurdar kali, heading toward the Kverkjokull... more

Through Eastern Kverkfjallarani to Ravine Hveragil Hike

From the Hvannalindir area, a 38-kilometre jeep track extend from the... more

Hut Sigurdarskali – Kverkjokull Glacier Ice Cave Hike

The di tance from the Sigurdar kali hut to the edge of the Kverkjokull... more

Sigurdarskali -Mt Virkisfell – Mt Biskupsfell Hike

Begin the tour by heading north to Mt Virki fell (1108 m) Mt Bi kup fell (1240... more

Hut Sigurdarskali – Kverkfjallarani – Ravine Hveragil Hike

The tour follow route 2 over a rocky terrain, and then run twelve km ea t... more

Borgarfjordur – Breidavik via Gagnheidi

An ea y walk, mo tly on a good jeep track, an earlier main connection road... more

Borgarfjordur – Brunavik across Brunavik Pass (400m)

Thi trail take you from Borgarfjordur to Brunavik acro the Brunavik Pa... more

Borgarfjordur – Brunavik pass Hofstrandarskard (321m)

Thi trail take you from Borgarfjordur to Brunavik acro pa... more

Vikur Hiking Trails – Borgarfjordur East

Vikna lod Hiking Trail Borgarfjordur - Brunavik Borgarfjordur - Brunavik... more

Raudanes Hike

Point Raudane i in the vicinity of farm Vellir and former par onage Svalbard,... more

Videy Hike

Videy i the large t i land of the Kollafjord Bay (1,7 km²) with it highe t... more

Oskjuhlid Hike

O kjuhlid Hike The hill O kjuhlid i an important link in the chain of open... more

Ellidaardalur Hike

The Ellidaar-valley i one of the mo t intere ting recreational area of the... more

Ellidavatn Hike

Lake Ellidavatn i among the many lake within the capital area It urface... more

Raudholar – All Year Hiking Trip

Raudholar are the remainder of a clu ter of p eudo crater within the... more

Hiking Nyidalur

Nýidalur hut– Evening troll with the park ranger Daily at 2030 The park... more

Snaefell to Lonsoraefi Hike

Di tance : Snaefell - Geithellnar about 100 km Snaefell - Thori dalur about 80... more

Hiking Trails Kverkfjoll and Hvannalindir

Hiking Trail Sugge tion 1 Hut Sigurdar kali - Ice Cave The di tance from the... more

Askja Trail: Hike from Herdubreidalindir to Svartarkot

The walking di tance i about 100 km The only major ob tacle i the hortage of... more

Mt. Esja Hike

Mt E ja i the mo t prominent mountain within the capital area after the... more

Hiking in Hveragerdi

Number of hiking trail are available at Hveragerdi area 1-4 hour  There are... more

Reykjavegur Hike

The Reykjavegur hiking trail i divided into a few ea y tage and at the end... more

Holaskjol to Hvanngil Hike

Thi pectacular hiking trail and bridle path wind between mountain and... more

Hveravellir to Hvitarnes Hike

The hiking di tance i 42 - 44 km At the tarting or fini hing point,... more

Hellismannaleid Hike – Landmannalaugar to Rjupnavellir

The total hiking di tance compri e about 55 kilometre , which can be divided... more

Holaskjol to Thorsmork Hike

Thi pectacular hiking trail and bridle path wind between mountain and... more

Fimmvorduhals Hike – Skogar to Thorsmork

The di tance between Skogar and Thor mork (Ba ar) i about 25 km Hiker en... more

Laugavegur Hike – from Landmannalaugar to Thorsmork

About Laugavegur hike - from Landmannalaugar to Thor mork The total hiking... more

Hiking in Laki, Lakagigar

Thi part of the Interior offer clear trail to follow, o it mo tly depend... more

Hiking in Reykjafjordur Nyrdri

Mt Geirolf gnupur i a challenge on a fine day The view from up there i... more

Hiking in Lonafjordur

An old route lie from Cove Midkjo through the Snoka Pa to Valley... more

Hiking in Hrafnfjordur

A hiking trail acro the Skorarheidi Moorland to the Furufiord Bay lie along... more

Hiking in Hloduvik

The hiking trail between the cove Hloduvik and Haelavik cro e the very teep... more

Hiking in Hesteyri

From He teyri over the Kjaran vik Pa The route lie along the edge of... more

Hiking in Fljotavik

Hiking in Fljotavik Thi abandoned part of the country i among the mo t... more

Hiking Routes Furufjordur

The route acro the Skorarheidi Moorland begin or end in the Furufiord... more

Hiking routes in Bolungarvik in Hornstrandir

Above the abandoned farm Bolungarvikur el i a route through the... more

Hiking Tharalatursfjordur

Hiking Tharalatur fjordur A walk along the bay via Tharalatur ne to the... more

Hiking trails in National Park Snaefellsjokull

The main hiking route in the Nature Re erve are marked Organized walking... more

Hiking in Arnarstapi

The main hiking route in the Nature Re erve are marked Organized walking... more

Hiking in Hellnar

Hellnar - Arnar tapi The lava field between Arnar tapi and Hellnar, all the way... more

Hiking in Bifrost

There are intere ting hiking trail all over the area, along the fine almon... more

Hiking in Hallmundarhraun

Vidgelmir i among the longe t and large t lava cave of the world (1585... more

Hiking in Thorsmork

Hiking in Thor mork Mt Valahnukur (458 m) protrude ju t we t of the... more

Hiking in Thingvellir

The main ancient approache of the Parliamentary Plain and the fir t National... more

Hiking in the Capital Region

There are plenty of hiking trail around Reykjavik, the mo t popular one being... more