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Aegisida Farm

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 63.841975° N 20.410464° W

Aegissida is a farm on River Ytri-Ranga opposite to the small town Hella in the Southwestern Lowlands. In the home fields around the houses are 12 manmade caves in the undulating, hyaloclastite landscape. Those caves probably were excavated by the farmers during the centuries and used as stables, barns and sheds for tools and vegetables.

Such caves are rather common in this area and have been subjects of debates because of the carvings in the walls and ceilings, which some people connect with the Irish hermits, who were here, when the first Nordic families started settling. Before the era of the cars, Aegissida was a popular resting place because of the nearby ford of River Ytri-Ranga.
Picture: Aegissida Falls; River Ytri Ranga.

Aegisida is on the Saga trail South Iceland.

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