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Afangagil Mountain Hut

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.1° N 19.5667° W

The mountain hut Afangagil is situated on the edge of one of Iceland’s most impressive and active volcanic areas, near the known mountain Hekla. Afangagil is about 5 km from road nr. 26 or 3 km from the road Landmannaleid (F225). The lodges accommodate up to 25 people (in bunks with mattresses) and has a kitchen with cold tap water and gas stoves. The WC facilities are in a separate house (water toilet). Good storage for luggage. Facilities for horses/horse riders (hedge and hay for sale).

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Beautiful attractions a short distance away are: Landmannalaugar, Landmannahellir, Hekla, Thjorsardalur, Veidivotn and Sprengisandur

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