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Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 63.9935° N 20.8169267° W

About Ashildarmyri

Ashildarmyri is a historical site and an ancient meeting place in the lower regions of the Skeid County. According to the Book of Settlements, Olaf and his wife Asthildur settled this part of the country. After her husband’s death, Thorgrimur wooed her. Her son, Helgi opposed this arrangement, ambushed Thorgrimur and killed him at Ashildarmyri.

In 1496 some brave farmers from the area gathered at Ashildarmyri and protested the Danish oppression and demanded improvement of the government of the country. This attempt to improve life conditions in this country counts among very few such during the darkest period of the country’s history. A fenced off grove with a memorial commemorates this event.

Ashildarmyri is on the Saga trail for South Iceland.

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