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Basar Valley

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 63.6771557° N 19.4835251° W

Valley Basar is a part of the rugged Godaland Area between the river Hruna and Gorge Hvannargil south of River Krossa. The westernmost part of Mt Rettarfell (503m) is directly opposite to Valley Langidalur. The flat peak Hattur decorates the easternmost part of this mountain, and along with Mts Utigonguhofdi and Heidarhorn create the frame around Valley Basar with its steep and rocky mound Bolfell. The Travel Association Utivist obtained permission from the Icelandic Forestry Service and later the confirmation from the Minister of Agriculture for house-building in this lovely area for its members and other travellers (1980). This centrally located area offers the visitors numerous opportunities for hiking, such as to the south across the mountains to the south coast (Skogar).

The Bus Company , Sterna and Trex offers scheduled tours to Thorsmork during summer and has created a heaven for the visitors just outside the valley.

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