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Borgarhofn Farm cluster

About Borgarhofn

Borgarhofn is a cluster of farms in County Sudursveit. The farmers in the area were active fishermen in earlier times, and legends tell us about the travels of people from the northern part of the country across the icecap to participate in the fisheries. In 1573, about 100 (53 according to the Bishops’ Annals) fishermen drowned off the coast, when close to 17 boats were lost in one day. Afterwards the fisheries were abolished in the area. The biggest fishing station was at Lagoon Halsaos, where ruins of the huts of the fishermen from the Eyjafiord Area in the North are still prominent at the end of the gravel crest Hestberdiskambur, a short distance from road #1.

Borgarhofn is on the Saga trail for South Iceland.