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Region: East Iceland
Coordinates: 65.435413° N 13.650408° W

According to “The Book of Settlements”, a man named “Thordur lina” settled on cove Breidavik.  The river Storaa or Vikura has its estuary in the wide beach area.  It marks the boundaries between the former farms “Breidavik” and “Litla-Vik”.  The latter was abandoned in 1945, but the former, closer to the sea, was abandoned two years later.  Farm “Breidavik” was greater in area, but landing conditions for fishing boats were less than adequate.  The surrounding rhyolite mountains are extremely colourful and beautiful.
The landowners and the Rescue corps Sveitungi at Borgarfjordur eystri built a emergency shelter there in the eighties and during the summer of 1998 the Tourist  Association of county Fljotsdalsherad built a hut for 33 persons nearby, especially used by hikers and nature lovers.
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