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Hjalli Church Farm

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 63.943472° N 21.296554° W

Hjalli is a farm and a church site in the Olfus County. Around the year 1000 it was occupied by one of the wisest and most learned chieftains of the country, Skafti Thoroddsson, the Law Speaker (†1030). The last catholic bishop of Skalholt, then an old man, was there visiting his sister Asdis on June 2nd 1541, when he was seized prisoner by Danish soldiers, who treated him very badly and took him to the trading post Hafnarfiord, where they put him aboard a vessel bound for Copenhagen. He expired en route. The present church was built in 1928 and consecrated on November 5th the same year.

It is the first concrete church to be erected in the area. Among its precious belongings are the decorated pulpit (1797) and the small, painted altarpiece (20. c.) depicting the resurrection.

Hjalli is on the Saga trail South Iceland.

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