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Region: East Iceland
Coordinates: 65.0614105° N 14.0182873° W

Mt Holmatindur (985m), one of the most majestic mountains of the Eastfiords, decorates the landscape between the bays Eskifiord and Reydarfiord. Its lower headland, Holmanes was declared inviolate and partly a Nature Reserve in 1973.
On top of the Langhamrar Cliffs is a prophetess’ grave, and according to a legend, she cast a spell before her death in the early 17th century, and said that the inhabitants of Eskifiord would be spared from the attacks of Algerian buccaneers until her bones started decomposing. The prophecy was fulfilled when they entered the bay and were driven away by a sudden storm.
A German plane crashed in the area on a reconnaissance flight from Norway during the Second World War. Landslides and avalanches are common natural catastrophes here as elsewhere in the East.
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