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Region: West Iceland
Coordinates: 64.904° N 23.1307° W

Lake Hraunsfjardarvatn is named after the bay Hraunsfiord and is known for its good catch, which consists of brown trout and lake char. Its total area is 2,52 km², its greatest depth 80 m and it is located 207 m above sea level.

It is discharged through river Vatnsa to lake Baularvallavatn. The anglers have to walk for half an hour from lake Selvallavatn to reach it. More paths lead to the lake, such as from the farm Hraunsfiord.
Fishing Card:
Daily opening hours
Fishing is allowed from dawn to dusk. Season: Spring to 30th September.
Bait: All bait is allowed: fly, worm and lure.
Contact / landlord: Vegamót. Tel: (+354) 435-6690

The distance from the capital is about 204 km by the Whale Bay tunnel.