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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 66.0815° N 18.6337° W

Hvanndalabjarg is a 600 m high precipice between the Olaf’s Bay and Angelica Valleys.  It is indented with gorges and gullies.  According to the legend about Rev. Halfdan Narfason at Fell in the Slettuhlid County and the farmer of the Malmey Island on the Skagafiord Bay, giants occupied the Hvanndalabjarg in the past.  In the far past a curse was cast on the island Malmey.
No married couples could live on the island longer than twenty years or the wife would disappear.  This happened once and the farmer sought advice and help from the Rev., who claimed not to be able to do anything to find the woman.  The Rev. was clairvoyant and knew what had happened and where the wife was being kept.
The farmer persisted and eventually the Rev. told him, that he would definitely not want his wife back if he saw her again.  The farmer still persisted and begged the Rev. to take him to her.  They set off, both riding the same horse.  They rode until they reached the Hvanndalabjarg, where the Rev. knocked on the sheer cliff.  It opened up and there stood a grim giant and the farmers’ wife, who had become much bigger and very ugly.  The Reverend’s assertion came true, because the farmer lost all interest in reclaiming his wife.
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