Kudafljot River

About Kudafljot River

River Kudafljot is the product of confluences of several rivers discharging large areas in the Southern part of Iceland.  The main river is Skafta discharging the glacial lake Langisjor and adding several spring fed streams in the Laki Area, originally glacial water from glacier tongue Sidujokull, which disappears into the permeable lava.  Then it collects rivers Tungufljot, Holmsa and the largest part of Eldvotn, before it eventually gets the name Kudafljot a short distance to the north of the present bridge on road # 1 to spill into the sea on the south coast.

A large branch of river Skafta continues to the east past hamlet Kirkjubaejarklaustur, where it spreads through the alluvial plains to the sea.

Photo Credit: Hansueli Krapf