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Region: West Iceland
Coordinates: 65.208221° N 21.6279° W

Lakes Ljarskogarvotn in the West consist of four lakes: Lake Nedstavatn, 0,48 km² and 142 m above mean sea level; Lake Midvatn 0,36 km² (165 m); Lake Fremstavatn (the smallest one); Lake Krossaxlarvatn 0,2 km², rather deep (228 m).

They lie very close to one another and are connected by the river Thvera, which tributes to the river Faskrud. The catch consists of brown trout and lake char, rather on the bigger side. There is no limit to permits sold per day.

The distance from the capital is 266 km by the Whale Bay tunnel and 29 km from Budardalur.