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Mt Thorbjorn

Region: Reykjanes
Coordinates: 63.8654015° N 22.7317055° W

About Mt Thorbjorn

Mt Thorbjorn (Thorbjarnarfell) is a free standing, hyaloclastite mountain north of Grindavik. It offers great panoramic view over most of the Reykjanes Peninsula on fine days.

The northeastern part of the mountain depicts thermal activity and to its north and northeast is an extensive high temperature area. It is split by a fissure called “The Thieves’ Gap” (Thjofagja), occupied by 15 thieves according to the legend. They were eventually overwhelmed and killed by trickery.

Mt Fagradalsfjall is the westernmost of the of the low mountains of the Reykjanes peninsula, a 385m high hyaloclastite table mountain created during the last part of the lates cold period of the ice age, which lasted about 100.000 years.

Sagas of IcelandC. Andrews, the commander in chief of the American forces in the North Atlantic Area during World War II, and several other high ranking officers, were killed there in a crash. They were arriving from the USA and preparing for landing on Keflavik Airport. Only one man survived the crash. He had to wait more than 24 hours for rescue.

Nato Base at Keflvik Airport 

Gelogy South West Iceland

Reykjanes Saga

Þorbjarnarfell á islensku

Jarðfræði Suðvesturlands

Photo Credit: Visit Reykjanes

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