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Region: Reykjanes
Coordinates: 64.0432652° N 22.0505223° W

About Straumsvik

Cove Straumsvik, between the Aluminium smelter and former farm Straumur, south of town Hafnarfiord, was a harbour and a trading post frequented by German traders during the late Middle Ages. In 1966, the Icelandic Parliament permitted the construction of the Aluminium Smelter by the international concern Alusuisse, the first single large industrial undertaking in Iceland. The smelter was purchased by another international concern, Alcan.

The construction work started in 1967 and production in 1969. The annual production was 30.000 tonnes, but has increased to 190.000 tonnes (2001). A small harbour was constructed for the import of raw materials and the export of aluminium. The hydroelectric power station at Burfell was constructed to supply sufficient electricity for the operation.

Photo Credit: Visit Reykjanes

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