Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 64.0061511° N 20.973710400000073° W

About Thrastarskogur

Mr. Tryggvi Gunnarsson, a renowned businessman and a Member of Parliament, donated a 45 ha area on River Sog to the Icelandic Youth Fellowship on his 76th birthday on the 18th of October 1911. Two years later the forest received its name “Thrastarskogur”.

The Icelandic Youth Fellowship has been cultivating and taking care of the area ever since and nowadays it counts among the most beautiful wooded areas of the country. Nowhere else in the country are there more holiday houses than in the Grimsnes County in the surrounding area of the forest. Hiking paths have been organized all over the area and many people enjoy the camping site. At the entrance is a restaurant.

Photo Credit: Salvor

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