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Region: East Iceland
Coordinates: 64.3497° N 15.3120° W

Lake Thveit has an area of 0,91 km². It is very shallow and situated only 2 m above sea level a short distance north of the fishing town Hofn in Hornafiord. Rivers Millulaekur and Skrapslaekur empty into it and its discharge, Thveitarlaekur, tributes to the glacial river Hornafjardarfljot. Road no. 1 passes just east of the lake and it is quite interesting for bird watchers.
The lake abounds in lake char, which is small, mainly because it is not netted. According to the legend a horse shaped creature with reversed hoofs was seen by the lake on dark autumn evenings, but it has not been spotted recently.
Fishing CardFishing Card:
Season: April 1st – September 30th. Bait: All bait is allowed fly, worm and lure.
Contact / landlord:
Sigurður Sigfinnsson at Stórulág farm, which is located about 2 km north of the lake. Tel: (+354) 478-1353 or 899-9947
The distance from the capital is about 449 km and 10 km from Hofn

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